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The Butler & Gordon


Turning Occasions into an Event 

10 years annversery yes.jpg
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Car
Newly Weds
Wedding Tent
White Necktie
Mrs. Bride, Mr
Just Married
Bride Waving Flowers in Limo
Beach Wedding
Vintage Wedding Car
Just Married
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Wedding Band
Tiered Wedding Cake
Bride and Groom
Rings on Hands
Happy Couple
Hugging the Bride
Add a Title
Groom in Blue

The Wedding Day
Mystical,Magically, Romantic 

Vintage Wedding Car

Booking the Wedding Limousine 

Booking a Private Limousine or a Helicopter Transfer, a

Horse-drawn Carriage or even a Private Jet with

The Butler & Gordon all is made easy, so don't hesitate to contact Christopher. 

Bride and Groom

You're Own Private


Wedding Planner

Having your own Private Wedding Planner, to help with all of those big and small issues are made easy with Lucia, she will not let anything slip past her,

with years of expertise

 as a professional

Wedding Planner

Lucia Lazzaro-Fari

is the expert when it comes to detail and perfection.

Lucia is the ultimate  Wedding Planner.   

Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom

A Romantic Location

From Italy to the Romantic Palermo, and across the Swiss Alps a place of Paradisical Beauty 

Lucia and Christopher have just that perfect spot for you to choose from.

If you are looking for that quiet romantic hideaway or something with a little more atmosphere

Lucia and Christopher

have just the ideal location. 

Private Parties


Paved Terrace
Private Villa or Alpine Chalet to host your
Private Wedding

Looking for a Private Chalet for your Wedding.

If you are looking for a smaller intermit Wedding location.

Lucia & Christopher may just have that perfect Chalet or Villa. Pictures view, quiet, hidden away, very private, a place where one can feel that homely atmosphere.

A Home from Home. 


Culinary Delights

Planning the perfect menu for your event is as important as the guests you invite to your Wedding.

Christopher and his team of Chefs will do just that and take their time to create that

Culinary Harmony, just right to make the occasion special and a unforgettable event.

Beach Wedding

Wedding by the Sea

With locations by the Sea where Weddings will be unforgettable, and memories will linger in the minds of your Family and loved ones for a very long time to come. Locations with amazing cliff-top landscapes, rolling beaches with golden sands.

Small village locations with seafront views, it is just simply

Magically Mystical Romanti

Corporate Events


Christenings Image


Planning the celebration of your very first arrival? is as important as the day you both decided to join hands. Let Lucia & Christopher rekindle those loving memories which mean so much to you both.

Davos Hotels.jpg
The World Economic Forum
Annual Meeting DAVOS

WEF Davos is one of the oldest events on our events calendar.

We are more than 10 years taking care of the Diplomats and the

Business Delegations attending the Forum which normally

takes place in Davos Switzerland. To find out more about

The World Economic Forum

contact Christopher directly.


Wedding Anniversary 

Rember that very special day,

the day you both Married.

Recreate the feeling by having your Wedding Anniversary rekindled.

Lucia & Christopher will bring back your most

cherished memories.

By recreating the menu, you enjoyed that day, the flowers, the colours, those little things that mean so much and made that day a very special day to remember.

Degmar Rose.jpg

For The Butler & Gordon, every Occasion is a Special Occasion 

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