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About us is about you, we set about finding out what your dreams and priorities are, and then we set about fulfilling your priorities and making your dreams a reality.


Name, Title

Lucia Lazzaro-Fari

Making Dreams Come True

Hello, I'm Lucia, a Wedding Planner & Wedding Designer

and I have the most beautiful job in the world. For me, everything

revolves around love and this one day that is as unique as 

the connection between those people who say

YES to each other on that very special day.

As the daughter of Italian parents, born and raised in Switzerland,

I know how to combine the unique and carefree Italianità with Swiss perfection and attention to detail.


The same applies to weddings in Switzerland. Thanks to my solid and highly professional network, I am able to give the big day an individual and unique setting. The best moment for me? When the bride and groom say, overjoyed and with shining eyes:

"Everything was even more beautiful than we imagined!"

Lucia will leave you with more than you imagined.

Contact: Lucia at Wedding Harmony


The Art of Gustatory Perception

Christopher Kenneth Gordon is a very special individual

who loves and lives Gastronome.
He has over 30 years of experience in High-Class Hotel and Restaurant Management, working with the best in the Business.
He believes in high standards and the personal touch, and he loves creating an Atmosphere of Luxury and Well-being, leaving his clients

with a totally unforgettable experience.

Christopher has a dedicated and highly professional team of

Chefs, Waitingstaff, Housekeeping personnel and Chauffeurs

ready to serve your every need.

The Finest of Foods the Best of Wines, in the Surroundings of Luxury,

all of this is brought together by the Dedication,

Passion and Experience of Christopher.

Contact: Christopher directly

Valued collaborator responsible for the
USA & Asian market
Ms Paris Rostami
acting on behalf of
Weddings Butler & The Butler & Gordon

The People Who Turn Dreams into Reality 

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